Episode 3: Witnessing to your friends

Dave and Duncan look at how to witness to your friends at school, college or even work for some of you.  They hear how you guys do it, look at what the bible says about it and then outline practical pointers to help you get comfortable with it and become more effective at it.

Please feel free to download the podcast and share it with your friends, it’s why it has been made XD


Episode 2: Peer Pressure

In this episode we look at the issue of peer pressure.  Whether it’s little or big doesn’t matter as Dave and Duncan look at what the Bible says about peer pressure and lay out some practical tips for you to do to help you get better at dealing with it.

Episode 1: Emotions

In our first episode we tackle the issues of our emotions and how they affect our walk with God.  In the podcast we look at how emotions are portrayed in the Bible, look at how they affect us and lay out some practical tips for you to help you deal with them in the future.